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Create Your Own Thanksgiving Chalkboard! 

This is a fun easy project, to do with the kids, that is sure to add a personal touch to your fall decor. 

• Clipboard 
• Black Chalkboard Paint 
• White Paint Marker
• Brushes 
• Orange, Brown and Green Paint 

Cost is under $10 
Clipboards can be found in a two- pack at Walmart so you will have enough supplies to make two chalkboards. These make a great gift so why not make two!

Step 1:
After laying down newspaper or paper towels, paint board with black chalkboard paint using a small brush. Be sure to get the sides. Let first cost dry and apply a second coat. 

Step 2:
Using a pencil write whatever saying you like. 
Here we used, "We are thankful". You could also write "give thanks", or "today we are thankful for". Once you are satisfied with your wording trace over the pencil lines using your white paint marker. 

Step 3:
Time to add the pumpkins! Using a small amount of orange paint, help your child dip their knuckles in the paint and stamp it on to the board. Next, help your child use their fingers to make a stem and leaves with the green and brown paint. 

Step 4:
You're done! Just add a favorite picture, a cute note, even a Bible verse!
This is a great way to talk to your children about being thankful. Use chalk to add something to your list each day. What a great conversation piece for the Thanksgiving day table!

Love this idea but not up for a DIY project? No problem! My Four Bears has you covered. Available on Etsy! 

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Discussion: Create Your Own Thanksgiving Chalkboard! 

Esoliok at March 15 2021

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